The host has already dreamed about adopting the "green building"
concept to build a home on a favourable land.

In doing so, natural phenomena such as sunrise, sunset, rainfall, drainage,
rain flow, rain water collection, rain water filtration and purification,
biological filtration, downslope winds, typhoons, monsoons,
and convective winds all have to be taken into consideration.
To avoid excessive sunlight and severe western sun exposure, Green Kenting Comic B&B & Spring is a south-facing building with a wavy exterior design in white color. On top of its building design, Kenting Comic B&B & Spring also employs 95% of green designs and a majority of naturally-grown grass and indigenous plants to reduce energy consumption as well as create a cool and soothing environment in the afternoon. 
In order to retain rain fall, facilitate drainage, and make water resources return to the land, Kenting Comic B&B & Spring has expended its sewage treatment ponds and built an ecological pond with clay as the base of the pond. In addition, covering which allows for surface-water infiltration is used to replace the cement floor in the garden.
To cope with downslope winds, typhoons, southwest airflows, and salt mists, the hotel building is installed with airtight windows. In addition, all doors and windows are built with two layers to ward off strong winds.

The exterior wall has to allow for ventilation and be resistant to alkaline or acidic corrosion and salification. Therefore, when exterior wall was built, the sandstone technique, which used silica sand as the main material.
Laying solar panel on the roof, to  absorb plentiful sunlight  and convert it into electricity for a part of power supply. Besides, we use energy saving light bulbs, water-saving toilet, heat pump heating system an so on, in order to save energy.
Using lots of recycled old wood, bricks, and recycled building materials, and comprehensive non-toxic paint for Indoor paint. Look forward to building a green, non-toxic homestead.