The "stinky egg spring", which is natural sulphur spring with a neutral pH value,
is an unexpected surprise that our predecessors discovered when digging a well.

Containing a wealth of sulphur and carbonate ions,
the spring has the functions of softening the stratum corneum as well as relieving skin itchiness and tenderness.
For that reason, the spring is also called “soup for the skin
Located on the southern-western end of Taiwan, the hotel stands in seclusion and away from the hustle and bustle in a secular world. It welcomes guests to swim in summer, bath in hot spa in winters, enjoy the ocean view during the day, and observe stars at night.
We feel genuinely grateful for being endowed with this superb land, which provides a soothing and healing environment for all. We expect ourselves to be the guardian of the unspoiled nature, respect each other, and look after each other.
When you are overwhelmed by city noises, busy works, troubles of life, coming to Comic B&B's hot spring will make you obtain physical and mental healing fully.