Deluxe Ocean View Indoor Spa Four-Person Room

View from the Guestroom:Ocean view
Room Type:four guests (standard guest number) Room Type:En suite
Complimentary Meals:Breakfast 
Extra Beds:Additional one bed may be provided to one additional guest for NT$ 1000 (Please refer the Room Booking Instructions)
Bathroom Amenities:Body wash, shampoo, large towels, small towels, and a hair dryer. Disposable toiletries are not provided.
Accommodation Rates:
Price: NT $5,400
Normal Weekdays:NT $3,900
Normal Saturday (Normal Weekdays on Summer Vacation) :NT $4,500
Consecutive Holidays (Saturdays on Summer Vacations) :NT $5,200
Chinese New Year Period:N T$ 5,400+10%
Guests who stay two consecutive nights or more at our any of our four-person rooms are eligible for a NT$200 discount on the final room rates.

* Not applicable to consecutive holidays and the Chinese New Year period, and may not be combined with other discount offers~*

【The Definition of normal weekdays】:Sunday to Friday (not applicable to consecutive holidays and summer vocation)